I went away to Mornington for the weekend, a belated birthday present. It was lovely, not only the weather was glorious, but we walked along the beach...

and had some fantastic food at various places.

The highlight was going to Heronswood , where we happily wandered the gardens for quite a few hours before having lunch then hitting the plant shop.

Other half and myself were content to look at the gardens, to ooh and ahh, to ask 'can we do this you think?' and take photographs.

And this is where it always interests me, we saw the same things, the same plants, the same garden beds, the same everything. But we always see things in a different way.

Our perspectives are different so we take totally different photos. We frame them differently...

we focus on different aspects.

Nothing is ever the same no matter how similar the starting point is.

This is something that intrigues me all the time in our writing.

One of the writing groups I go to has a topic or theme each meeting. It's a starting point that most of the writers use- but it's where they go to that is fascinating.

Last week the theme or subject was 'to use description'....and what an amazing array of work this produced.

From a blow-by-blow poem of a fast paced house a very vivid almost derelict home town......

There was a poem on sense of place......a poem on the end of a bad relationship......a poem on drinking......and a piece on moving, physically as well as spiritually.

So many different topics but based on the same central theme.

Once again I was left amazed at how varied the work was...of course in style and tone and definitely voice, but in subject matter.

I think it's a great idea to have a list of words or topics or even themes handy, for those days when the dreaded writer's block threatens or even just to get the words flowing before the 'serious stuff'. 

And you never know where you might end up.

Perhaps surprised like I was.


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