Goals are these nefarious things that seem such a great idea at the time then turn into dark shadows that loom overhead. Well they do for me (so don't want to review my goals for this year- I'm already feeling a failure, don't want to see it in black and white).

However there are people out there that not only make goals, they focus on them and with much hard work (and often blood, sweat and tears) they are achieved in all their glory.

My friend Kim is one that not only kicks her goals out of the park, she then sets more. Making them harder. Higher.

She is truly inspirational and on Saturday we went to help her celebrate her latest success. One of her goals that she has been working on for several years...MET fitness - her own training studio.

Kim attributes achieving this dream to 'the support of some amazing clients, some good luck, more than a bit of self-belief and a lot of damn hard work.'

It's the lot of damn hard work that resonates. Kim doesn't give up. She works hard, very hard, and she knows exactly what she wants to achieve. And yes life doesn't always work out exactly how you want it to...there are pitfalls....there are major obstructions....but if you do as Kim does, you find a way around them. Or you use them as a boost and climb over them. Worst case scenario, you find another path. You don't give up.

This is the gorgeous Kim (talking to her mentor, Terri Walsh, via Skype to help celebrate the grand opening).

I will state now that I'm in awe of Kim. She is one woman I hold as not only an inspiration, but she is also encouraging and well as a damned nice person.

She knows that goals are often hard to achieve...she knows that we all want something that we feel is so far out of our reach. I love this message she has up in her studio...

This is something we forget to do. We just look at what we haven't achieved yet, those goals that are left unattended, forlorn although not forgotten.  This is something I have to personally work on. I am really bad at ignoring what has been achieved and focus on what is left to be done (the pessimist in me coming out).

Goals are there for a reason. They help us focus. They keep us heading in a certain direction without backtracking and wandering aimlessly.

And as I've seen with Kim, they can be achieved.

With hard work.

With determination.

Then you get to celebrate.

Kim's motto is Get.It.Done.

Says it all doesn't it?



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