Last weekend we had the fun of babysitting...although technically they are not babies. We had Miss T - all of nine years and eagerly heading into the adult- like double digits, and Master N- seven years and a mind that works in the most amazing way.

We took delivery of our charges and with them telling their father to go now, you must leave, they were with us. Our first venture was to see Tilly, AKA the Wonder Horse. Miss T had visited Tilly before but this was Master N's first visit...and I had forgotten how repetitive we do sound.

N stay away from the horse's rear end. Yes they can kick. Yes it will hurt. That is horse poo. Because horses poo wherever they are. Yes that is also horse poo. Yes and so is that. No that is not Tilly's. Because she didn't poo just then. I don't know whose poo that is.

 They loved the experience...  and both want horses....especially Miss T.

We then made home made pizzas. We went to the supermarket and bought all their favourite pizza ingredients...we won't talk about the cans of fanta rolling uncontrollably down the aisles ...or both boys tossing packets of deli meat at me which I was supposedly meant to catch in the I said we won't talk about this.

Then it was a night of pizzas, watching Gnomeo and Juliet- then bed. Next morning, not too early bless their little cotton socks, we were up and after a big were drawn...

This is Miss T's rendition of Tilly....climbing up a hill, complete with her pot belly :)

This of course is Master N's pirate, notice the patch, the wooden leg and of course the lightning in the sky which makes him much more fierce.

A poem was written and of course was about a girl wanting a horse (naturally).... then a cat fortress was built for Tigger.

Now Tigger, AKA grumpy old cat, has not much time for children. She tends to hide, to seek comfort under beds or escaping outside where they can not find her.

For this weekend she was surprisingly good.... example A.

 The animal cards were placed for her enjoyment...although when the fortress grew and grew, and grew, using not only our pillows, but every cushion and pillow they could find in the house....Tigger had enough and vanished.
The words 'we built you a cat fortress you should be good and play in it' were thrown at her but she ignored them.

We loved having the kids over, and in fact with a bit of help from them both, have plans for the next one. It was great fun and it reminded me why I love writing for children. I know I work with children and I'm used to their questions and how their minds work, but  I don't tend to have the same children around me for 24 hours.

I loved how one conversation seemingly went on for hours.
Master N was wondering how long it will take him to get to America (the family are planning a holiday there in a few years).
Then he wondered, if he could walk on water, how long would it take for him to walk to America.
We talked of boats, sea monsters and sharks, islands and countries in the way.
Later he asked, if he had wings and could fly, would it be quicker to get to America. And if so, how much quicker?

Yep this is what writing, not only for children, but all genres,  is all about. Asking questions.
What if?
What if I could fly? Walk on water? How can I determine which horse did that poo? Why don't horses use bathrooms?

So many many ideas....what if there was a young girl who loved horses and who could identify which horse did which poo...and what happens if one day she discovers....

Ideas are everywhere...child's play in fact.

Bye for now


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