There is a saying that a weed is merely a plant growing in the wrong place. In that case I have quite a few growing in the wrong place in my garden and it is a constant battle to try to, if not eradicate them, to tame them into some kind of mutual existence.

But they are still beautiful in their own way. They have their moments when I stop to admire some part of them.

Summer is the time for eating blackberries. Instantly I'm transformed to my childhood. Those days of wandering, buckets in hand, gum boots and long sleeves essential garb, carrying planks of wood to place across so we can reach those temptingly out of reach.

There is nothing like a sun warmed wild blackberry.

Dandelion clocks are another childhood favourite.

Yes another weed. Meant to be eradicated, removed, destroyed.  And often I do. Well I do my best (we do have a big yard).

It's more difficult when it comes to your hard worked words.  Weeds are often harder to find, especially if you are too close to the piece of work. This is when another pair, or sometimes many pairs of eyes, come in handy. Someone not knowing the work can pick a weed easily.

This, they will say, this doesn't belong.

(Agapanthus...considered a weed in so many areas...and I am constantly digging it out of the garden bed...it's allowed to stay along the driveway...and also have to remove the seed heads...no matter how striking they look)

But...you will attempt to defend... I like that word, phrase, sentence, chapter.

It will be repeated, it is still in the wrong place. It doesn't belong.

Sometimes we can see it, sometimes we know that it isn't quite right and all we need is confirmation. It's not saying that the writing is bad, it's merely saying that it is a weed. Not the right place for it.

Most times it is very difficult for us to see them in our own work.  I know I do. This is when workshopping helps me discover so many things.  Sometimes I will acknowledge that I knew it didn't quite work, other times I will be surprised by how others react. By what they pick up on. And once again often that is due to getting it all from my head and onto the page.  Every last piece, comma and full stop.

And to remember to weed. Perhaps after you've admired it for awhile.

Good luck on your work



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