Well that's the idea. I have Wednesdays off ( If I say no to extra work and don't go in for training or meetings) so it is ideal to have this day dedicated to writing.

And in theory it works well. In the morning I work on the blog, send it off into the ether- I then do tend to go out for an hour to do all those errands (my electric beater died last week mid burr and there is a child's birthday coming up this weekend and I'm working so ....).

But I do return and head for the computer. List at the ready (my list of what to work on - dead lines to meet etc) and I begin...only to find myself...
talking to Tigger (who so gets me I'm sure) or else...
feeding those that drop in.

I return to my desk, begin work on that poem I'm struggling with, or the short story to edit. Again. But my mind drifts....there is a load of washing to do (and the washing machine is thumping away as I type) but more importantly it is a beautiful day and the garden is calling.

and there is so much work to do.

My Writing Wednesdays have turned into write-a-little-bit Wednesdays and do other stuff.

However I have found a solution. It may be temporary but for the past few weeks it has worked.

Several weeks ago I ran a creative writing workshop (always such an inspiration) but when I was asked about finding time to write I talked about finding time, setting priorities and understanding what will work for you as a writer.

Out loud, and in front of lots of people I said I WRITE ON WEDNESDAYS.  Once said out loud it made it real. Made me realise, yes that is what I do, I write on Wednesdays.

And yes I will always do other stuff as well (Vicki Procrastination Thornton is after all my name)...I will look at the view...

and I will pick up my camera if I find some reflections or shadows that I think are pretty cool...
and I will even think of doing something artsy and craftsy if there is a birthday (or the dreaded Christmas) coming up...
but I'm giving these are rewards.

When I have redrafted that short story, and only when I'm happy with this next draft, then I'm allowed to pick up the camera. When I have worked on the poem, then I'm allowed to wander in the garden.

And it's often when I am weeding or digging, mulching or planting, taking photographs or sewing that I work out the problem with my poem or short story.

So far this has worked very well. I'm accomplishing a lot more on my Wednesdays than I have in a long time.

More importantly I don't feel trapped. Forced into sitting at the computer until something 'valuable' is achieved.

Stating out loud that I write on Wednesdays has made me acknowledge the fact.

And yes I will always do other things, but the writing is still the priority.

I think the key was understanding what works for me as a writer. I will never be one to sit at the computer for twenty hours straight, not ten, not even four...after a few hours I'm getting tetchy. Wanting to do other things.

Wednesdays are for writing - but they are also for other things.


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