Last weekend I went away with my writing group for a retreat. During these weekends away we tend to write, read, workshop and talk writing. I, being a great procrastinator, also take walks and a lot of photographs. This weekend was no different.

I wrote a little, I read a little, workshopped various pieces, took a few walks and even more photographs, edited quite a few poems from earlier this year and I thought. That was my real aim for the weekend, I wanted some serious time thinking exactly where I wanted to head with my writing.

I don't want the scattergun approach. To attempt a dozen different styles and genres of writing. I wanted a focus. 

I wanted to think whether I should spend my time writing poetry or short stories- whether to focus on young adult novels or adult novels....or perhaps junior fiction.

Hence my need for some thinking.

However...the more I thought about what I wanted to do, the more confused I got.

I love poetry- love the wham bam instant hit. Love finding the exact few words to say what I want to say. 

I love short story- sometimes it's like I have a film going on in my mind and I'm struggling to keep up with it as I put it down on paper. The characters have my full attention as I try to portray their story. 

I love writing novels- the freedom to meander and allow other characters besides the central one to have focus. The ability to use plot and landscape - to weave story lines to create a totally new fabric. The concept of story telling.

After much thought I still had no definitive answer. 
Perhaps it would be easier, I thought, if I looked at what I was getting published. What was 'working'.

Hmmm recently.....I've had a poem accepted in a magazine and they also want this same poem for their digital anthology. I've also been asked to be part of a poetry feature in a few months time.

I've had a short story accepted in another magazine.

I have a junior novel under consideration with one publisher and just had a very nice rejection for my young adult novel from another publisher.  

I've also had the joy of seeing one of my junior novels 'Whistler's Mine' and my short story collection 'Last Days of Summer' in the library. to be held in your hand proof of finished work. The end product. 

This frame of thought was obviously not going to work. What do I feel passionate about writing? What do I really want to do?

Unfortunately I have no idea. I enjoy all that I do. I must admit I don't do it all at once. For example at the moment I'm revisiting my adult novel that I wrote for well as some poetry. 

Won't mention that I want to work on my YA novel again, that there is an idea for another children's novel bubbling away and did I mention that bellydancing novel that I began a few years ago?

Like I said...scattergun approach. Perhaps it works? Who knows.... at the moment it appears to be doing okay for me.


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