It seems you blink and the year is nearly over. I really don't know where most of it has gone. There are weeks that have simply vanished, I don't remember them at all. Perhaps there is a vortex that snaps up days and weeks and takes them away? Or perhaps as my children suggest, I'm merely getting older?

Whatever the case, 2011 is nearly done and dusted.
Looking back over it, it was pretty damned good. At work we moved a library, yes moved...from temporary premises comprising of two portables to a brand new architecturally designed large and airy building. I'm hoping to never have to move a library again...simply put, books are heavy!

On a personal note, we painted and tiled the bathroom (almost finished), got the spare room (daughters old room) ready for it's next occupation, well almost, we survived the saga of the tree-through-the-water-tank-and-getting-new-one-up-the-drive, cut down trees only to plant more trees (fruit trees) and we went to Western Australia for three weeks. Simply divine. '

On a writing slant- hmmmmm. I did read a lot of books, 54 all told...and if I had to choose the best for the year it would be 'Past the Shallows' by Favel Parret. Great writing- intense story.

I also did manage to write 12 short stories and 49 poems. Notice I'm not saying good stories or poems, these are the ones I managed to put down in some sort of order with a beginning, middle and end. Most need to be worked on. Knowing my track record, most will probably be ignored.

I also managed to finish my YA novel, and this year I gave in and did Nanowrimo- putting down over 50,000 words. I learnt a lot from both these experiences, that I do enjoy writing into the unknown (to a certain degree) and that I can, given the right head space, write a lot in a very short amount of time.

I was also a part of the Page Seventeen team - under 'new management' - another good experience and what an end product (great for birthday presents, late Christmas presents and even 'heh thinking about you' gifts)

I won't list here all the negatives, all those things I wanted to achieve and didn't. This is the time to look back and be proud of what has been accomplished.

I wrote- I was published in a few places such as - 100storiesforqueensland, Verity La and the Dear Dad anthology - I featured at Stoppingallstations and The Word Tree - I even made money this year from my writing (just over $1200 - chuckle - which is why I do have a day job)

And I enjoyed it all. The frustrations, the highs of an acceptance, the lows of yet another rejection, the wondering if I'm doing the right thing, the deciding that yes I am.

So here's to 2011 - a good year.


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