I have so many bad habits. Some I won't admit to (smirk) but others...oh dear....I'm afraid I'm the sort of person who, when they buy a packet of mixed all those fake cherries.

Every last one. And they are not even real...merely fake sugary impersonators.

I also am not the healthiest eater in the world. Most who know me well, know about me and vegetables. (sad story but true)

I, alas, also have a sweet tooth.

A very sweet tooth, which combined with my love of baking leads to trouble.

I am also so very easily distracted.

Sunny day...time to garden.

Windy day...time to garden.

Cold and grey get the idea.

I tell myself that gardening is very good exercise..that it brings us one with nature. That it is good for body and soul. And indeed it's also a great tool to use when I SHOULD be doing something else.

I also enjoy my crafting, and when I get into it, I don't stop.

Too eager to see the end result.

Now, not all of these are bad habits. However I do begin each day with my TO DO LIST...if you know me, you know I ALWAYS have a list by my side.

I will list anything from..

Work 10-6
Water pot plants
Recycle bin for tomorrow
Bag of toys to charity bin
Tidy desk
Write 30 minutes

The work is always ticked off as accomplished, as is TOY LIBRARY ( this morning)...most of the others are ticked off. Except for...yes, you got it.

The continual saga of me attempting to clean my desk and I've said too easily distracted.

Putting together ideas for next years programs. Thinking on what worked, what didn' to get folks in, keep kids entertained...focus more on the literacy side of things etc etc.

I've tried to break these two goals into tiny snippets. Spend ten minutes writing.
Clean one drawer of my desk.

And this works. I feel excited and accomplished. I return the next day and do some more. More fulfilment. More success...alas by day three I've wandered out to the garden or I'm catching up on the latest series of Outlander (what is Jamie up to now?)

All the research tells you that you can turn a bad habit into a good one. You have to find a substitute for the bad one, keep on persevering and 'usually' it takes 21 days to make a new habit.

Hmmm.....21 days?

If I begin now, it would take me to the end of the year, beginning of the new year.
Surely I can do that.

Surely if I put it down on my TO DO LIST that I write, perhaps it's best that I write for 5, maybe 10 minutes, and set a timer. Before I know it the writing is done. Accomplished. Tick for me. Repeat day after day and before I know it, bad habit replaced with new one of writing. Surely even a few words in 5 minutes is better than nothing?



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