Last weekend I had a visit from my sister and her hubby.Then of course, we decided while she was in town to catch up with our two brothers. It was a busy weekend, full of shopping, garden nurseries, meals out and familial catching up.

(What a breakfast! Totally not the usual muesli or toast weekday events. And oh so pretty)

It was lovely to catch up with everyone. And to notice the differences as well as the similarities amongst us.

My family are a very artistic and eclectic group.

One brother does this sort of artwork...

as well as carving fence posts he has come you do.

My sister paints and creates (and I have plans for these two and an Etsy store and me taking my ten percent as manager!)

Even my niece has this artistic gene running through her body.

Alas my creativity doesn't run along these lines and that's okay. So not only was I amazed at their abilities and overwhelmed by my lack of said abilities it was interesting to note how we all get along together. How we interact and react. How we tell stories ...even the same stories.

How we see the world so very differently.

This of  course provided the seeds of a few poems and an idea for a short story. I'm always intrigued by how we can have the same genetics and biological factors, even the same background and history yet we see the same event so very differently.

Age of course is a huge factor here. What a four year old notices compared to what a twelve year old does is huge. As is their sense of where they belong in the world. Most four year olds are self centred beings and know that the world, and therefore their family, revolve around themselves. Most twelve year olds have discovered a few home truths and know that the world owes them nothing.

It was great to catch up and for me it was inspiring. Gave me that nudge to head back into a WIP (work in progress) that deals with family secrets.

If you are looking for inspiration, perhaps it's time for a family get together. You never know where it could lead you.



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