A friend, and fellow writer, recently was talking about one of the pieces she was working on. She talked about word count, getting back into it..then she said...'trouble is I'm finding it boring to write.'

Alarm bells went off. I have the sneaky suspicion if you are finding it boring to write, anyone reading it will find it just as boring.

I'm not saying everything you write has to be on-the-seat-of-your-pants action packed. There doesn't have to be adventure and suspense in every chapter (unless of course, you are writing a book packed with adventure and suspense)...but I do think you have to enjoy the writing part.

It's like everyday can't be a holiday. (but wouldn't it be lovely if it was!)

And of course there are boring bits to writing. I find the editing the most mind numbing sleep inducing horrid stuff...mind you writing the synopsis is my most hated...but that's not boring. That is just difficult.

Editing, going back over and over again. Trying to find all those niggly problems and typos and just plain mistakes...I find that tedious.

The writing part, that first draft is just so exciting.

For me, it's unknown territory. This is mainly because I'm a pantser type of writer, I plan very little if anything at all. I like to head off in a direction and hope it leads me somewhere worthwhile.

In the past I have attempted to plan, it always feels too constricted and restraining. I know this is not so, that I can do whatever I want to. I am the one in charge (or so the voices tell me).  Having a general even if a bit vague idea works for me. And I find it exciting to write like this.

Wondering where I will end up. What will the characters do, will it work, will the idea be enough for a story...all of these are great questions and I love going on to discover the answers.

The definition of boring is 'not interesting, tedious.'  If you find what you are writing either not interesting or tedious, then the question to be asked is 'why are you writing it?'

If you are commissioned to write a piece that you find tedious, then you are writing for the money. Usually this would be non-fiction.

But fiction..poetry....plays....this is where our creativity can soar.

I will say if you are writing something that you are bored with, put it aside. Start something new, something fresh. Get excited over an idea or concept, a theme or genre. Write that.

Life is too short to write something that is boring.


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