As last week's blog terrified informed us that the year is half over, a few of my writing colleagues have gone into a mild panic ... state of setting goals and deadlines.

I do know that seeing the year whizz by so fast has a sobering impact. It makes you realise what you have done..all good if in fact you HAVE done something. As we all know, I have done very little.

So I've settled in front of the computer...and

Yep..I've checked Facebook...gave a thumbs up and even a smiley face or two.

I've checked my emails (shoe shop having a great sale!).

It's not like I have NOTHING to write. I have unfinished pieces all over the place.

Let's pretend that all of the above is 'unfinished works in progress' and not merely 'stuff'.

I do have first drafts, unfinished drafts, sentences that I thought were pretty good and would lead onto something...well something do-able. But where to begin?

Hmmm.... looking out the window isn't helping. It is raining. Therefore I can't go out and procrastinate work out there.


Hmmmm....I check my empty July folder. ( I told you about this didn't I? Setting up a folder with 2016 and inside each month has it's own folder. Helps me, in theory, keep track of what I've done each month. Or not as the case may be)

Checking the July folder and it actually isn't empty.  There is the draft of a short story I began months ago that I fiddled with the other day. I open the file. I begin to read, to add a line here, a paragraph there.

I'm enjoying thinking about Hennie, about her family. Her son, daughter-in-law, the grandchildren.

How long is she going to wait? Will the cat wait with her? Will the neighbour, the one with the dog that pees on her garden, return?

Hang on a moment, this thing I'm doing....writing!

Yep, I've found something I want to write. Perhaps it will lead nowhere. Maybe this story won't ever be finished but for the time being I'm enjoying getting back into it.

Another day, perhaps, I'll think of exactly what I want to achieve for the rest of the year. Will set out a few guidelines and goals...things to aim for.

But at the moment, if you'll excuse me, I have a story to get back to.



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