The past few weeks have been the school holidays in Victoria and thankfully....big deep breath...they are over and the library is back to the normality of busy. Compared to being MEGA busy during the holidays.

One of the children's programs I did for these holidays was Snowflake Sensation. We read wintry stories, sang wintry songs (did the winter Hokey Pokey where we put our mittens in, we put our mittens out...) and basically had fun. We created a wonderful snowman artwork to take home....

and we made snowflakes.

The joy of making snowflakes is the fact that each one is different.

There is no right or wrong way to make them. You simply fold and cut, whatever way you want.

Often when we do an activity the children have to make theirs EXACTLY how I have made mine. Including the same colours, the same placement of stick or piece of paper.

If I have a tree in the far left corner, they MUST have a tree in the far left corner.

Creating snowflakes was very liberating...and the fact that I repeatedly told the children that each one is meant to be different. That the beauty is in their difference, made it much more accessible for them.

It's something I hope to take on board in other aspects. It's senseless comparing yourself to somebody else. Anybody else.

I tend to think 'what on earth am I doing with my time?' Compare myself to this person who works full time and is working on at least two different novels (that I know about) and is writing copious amounts.

Then I compare myself to this other person, with young children and works part time (like I do) and is sending work out here and here and over there as well.

In reality I have no idea what their day is like. I imagine them chained to the computer, working diligently. Head down, intent on their work.

Or they could be so easily distracted like I am. Could give myself thirty minutes to write before I pick up grandchild and take her to book club? Or spend one of the days on the weekend I'm not working in the garden instead, as it wasn't raining and if rugged up not too cold.

I should be writing. Yes. But there is so many other things to do. And there is no sense comparing what I achieve with anybody else. I know what I do, what limitations I face, what I want to do versus what I should do.

Writers are like snowflakes....each one so very different and their beauty is in their differences.



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