SO THAT WAS 2015....

Yep, two days left and 2015 is over. It was a full on year in so many respects. A few health glitches this year but mostly it has been amazing. (Warning, there will be a photo montage ahead)

We ventured forth and saw some lovely gardens and came back inspired...and with plants.

Due to this inspiration three new garden beds were dug and planted, definitely Works In Progress, but I have a vision. Whether they become anything like I imagine is hard to say.

During 2015 we had one child move house, one child become engaged, one child tell us they are about to become a parent and one child get married.

A very exciting year (and we only have two children!)

We also spent a lot of time with Little Miss...which is always a joy...and a learning curve for all involved.

We went to see animals...

and Disney Princesses with a stop at a lovely tea room on the way.

It was also a year of a bit of culture... I say a bit. From the Buena Vista Social Club to Stephen Fry, Sweet Charity to the Lion King....Disney Princesses on ice...

 wine tastings...
and the David Bowie exhibition. 

This year the lovelies at work ventured forth...

and had a wonderful time. We plan for another but getting schedules aligned is near impossible!

We even had a family get together...(talk about schedules and impossibilities) ...first time in a looong time but definitely not the last.

Hubby and I went on a holiday to the gorgeous and relaxing Kangaroo Island and South Australia...

where I got to hold a wedge tailed eagle. A first for me. 

It was also a year of new lounge suites, new chairs, new carpet, new beds and painting rooms. 

It was also the year we lost Tigger...

As for anything to do with writing....well I did go to Clunes Booktown for the first time. 

 Came away with books and er some more books...and some illustrations (from books) that are now framed and ready to go in the newly decorated spare room.

This year I read 65 books. Unfortunately the more I read, the more I pick and niggle. I find I am disappointed in so many, feel let down by so many others....and there is a vast majority that I wonder what on earth was the publisher thinking. 

My top 5- and I liked them for a variety of reasons, great plot, great descriptions, made me stop and think, and in no particular order were- 

Golden Boys by Sonya Hartnett
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Gravel - short stories by Peter Goldsworthy
Lost and Found by Brooke Davis
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

As for writing- even though I doubted I did much, I did manage some.
I wrote 5 short stories . I also did the Writers Victoria online short story clinic- where I not only had 6 short stories critiqued, but read and commented on over 60. 
I wrote 28 poems....had 30 children's ideas put down for PiBoIdMo- I wrote one article that appears to have disappeared into the ether and 12 reviews for Magpies magazine. 

I also knuckled down and reread- redrafted- edited and tweaked two major pieces of work. 

In this year I also wrote one wedding speech (which I recited, nervously, on the day) as well as a birthday message for a dear friend. I had a short story published in Ireland and a poem that was rejected a few years back with the comment 'this may mean something to you, but is in no way, shape or form a poem'...had it published. (Does that feel good or what!) 

My writing group also celebrated fifteen wonderful years together and shared what that collaboration looks like in print form.

It was a year that sped by so fast, but looking back it was a very busy year.

So what will 2016 hold? 

More family adventures...more events to celebrate I'm sure.

Will I dare to try new things, to push myself?

Who can tell.

So I'll raise my glass and wish 2015 bon voyage...and here's to next year.


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