We had a busy involved shopping and baking and Christmas light looking (quite disappointing up here)  with Little Miss. It was lots of fun, a tad tiring, but fun. Then on Sunday we had the work family Christmas do at Luna Park.

Little Miss was very impressed. Not only did she get a present but food, lots of rides (this year we managed seven), she also got to meet Santa.

If Santa doesn't know by now that all she wants is an Elsa doll, then he isn't listening. She has told each Santa helper we have met, as well as written letters stating this fact. Fingers crossed for her.

 After all this we went to a friend's Christmas party. This is a friend we have known for years...but here's the thing...I don't do parties.

I'm an introvert, and no matter how much I push myself to get out there, do things, attend things, get myself out and about...I still have this urge to just snuggle in at home and not move.

 Parties make me cringe.

I don't mind if I know 90% of the people there...make that 95% of the people. Then I'm okay....anything else and you'll find me in a corner, nursing a glass of wine and wishing for the earth to swallow me whole.

I find it terrifying to make small talk, to walk up to people I don't know, even people I do vaguely know and talk to them.

Stupid really. But that's the way I am. I force myself a lot of the time to just get out there, to go.

So I watch and listen. To how people talk, how their talk becomes more verbose the more they drink. I notice patterns.

Person A has so far told the same story to three different groups. Obviously this is a story he MUST tell and is making the most of having an audience.

Person B is a social butterfly, moving from person to person, hugging and kissing and trilling all the way. Forever moving from person to person.

Person C is slowly but determinedly getting drunk.

Person D will tell everyone all about their latest holiday abroad. The money they spent getting there, the money they spent on accommodation, the money they spent on food, and how disappointed they were in it all.

And so it goes on.

So if you invite me to an event don't be surprised if you don't see me there. I do like you, it's just that I'm wary of everyone else.



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