Yes it's been Mother's Day, the day, according to all the retail stores, we bombard our much loved mothers with slippers, pyjamas, dressing gowns and chocolate.

Which does make for an interesting version of what they think mothers are. Chocoholics who prefer nothing than spending the day in their pjs?

And of course there is the customary chrysanthemum...which I frankly hate    don't like. Don't know what it is because there are few plants and flowers that I don't take a fancy to.

When the children were younger, there would be the gifts from the Mother's Day Stall. We all remember them don't we? Small soaps with floral stickers on them----gaudy plastic flowers in even gaudier vases---small bags of chocolates-----handkerchiefs with any initial but our own embroidered on them----neon striped fluffy bed socks. Small sigh of nostalgia really.

For mother's day, daughter and I had it planned- it involved breakfast, a wander around a market and then a nice walk through a botanic garden. The weather put an abrupt end to that. Daughter brought up yummy makings and we did breakfast in style, but then decided to hit the movies.

Interestingly it was full of dads with children. Obviously a lot of mothers wanted peace and quiet and no one in the house but them for their day. Understandable when your children are small and you are with them day in, day out.

My children are long grown and moved out of home- so my perfect mother's day is catching up with them.

It doesn't always have to involve a cocktail or two, but it usually does.  This year, we made it a dinner out. My daughter and her husband (family number one), and my son, his partner and their little girl (family number two), my mother-in-law...and of course my husband.

It was a lovely ending to a great day. It wasn't the food (which was great), the drinks (do love a good espresso martini) but it was spending time with my children, and now their families that makes the day the best.

I am so proud of my children, wonderful adults, both with quirky senses of humour. With their busy lives and family responsibilities and just the everyday- it gets harder and harder to get us all together.

But when we do, it's a blast.
So here's to another great Mother's Day and hope you all enjoyed celebrating the day with your loved ones. Human or furry.



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