Recently I went to a hen's day- I say day because these days these 'events' go for all the weekend. The part I went to, was a very civilised event.

It began with champagne breakfast...with pancakes and berries and yoghurt....bacon and eggs...muesli and fruit...and more champagne.

There was a theme...if you went for the day you had to wear...

polka dots.

There were polka dots and polka dots and even more polka dots. It was very cute - to make it more so....there was polka dot bunting and cups and plates and little gift bags.

You get the idea...polka dots as far as the eye could see.

We then chuffed on in our mini bus- complete with driver ( the infamous San Churro)- and of course with polka dot bunting on the side and a polka dotted sign informing all that it was Lauren's Hens Party.

We had a relaxing and chilled out time at the Peninsula Hot first time but oh so not my last! Then onto Red Hill market for some food, a walk around and the most amazing fresh fruit icy poles....did I say amazing!

Journeys end for me and a few others was the house they had rented for the night...

wonderful views, a great pool and of course...

more polka dots!

You can obviously see the theme involved...pretty, cute and oh so bright. But it gave a lovely cohesion to the day.

Interestingly enough, last night at my writing group, when we workshopped one of my chapters I was asked about theme.

Did I have one?

A basic story has characters, a plot and setting. Basically who does what and where.
It could be a love story- boy meets girl (characters) - they fall in love (plot)- it happens over a long weekend in Paris (setting).

Usually there will be an obstacle or ten but love conquers all.

The theme could be unrequited love, could be blind faith, could be learning to trust.

An interesting question as the story I was working on is for junior readers, a chapter book for ten year olds.


It has got me thinking. Most good adult novels do have themes, usually subtle, that weaves throughout the structure. But junior chapter books? Some do, but I can think of dozens that don't.

But a theme does make things stand out. Does offer cohesion, and unifies.

She will probably kill me but heh...for the final part of the Hens, the theme was red (well except for the bride to be)

So yes, a theme works. Whether it's for a party, an event like a Hens or a wedding...and especially for a story.

I just have to figure out what mine is...


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