My week relaxing has been and gone..and now it's back to the routine. Which is good. Don't get me wrong...I'm a list kinda girl. My desk is not complete without my TO DO list on top of the open diary. It keeps me on track- reminds me of that doctor's appointment- that this week is the green garden bin pick up and therefore something has to be in it.

It also makes me write. Yep, on a Wednesday (designated day off and writing day)....I have a few, notice a few, writing goals.

Perhaps goals is not the right word - perhaps ambitions...aims....things to hopefully accomplish.

Sometimes as generic as 'poem.'

Other times it is more deliberate 'second draft of Harem short story.'

And most days I do cross most... all...some...a few of my 'to do' items off that list.

Just wish I could use my days more wisely.

If  I was a lark I could get up those few hours earlier---you know, just like all the writing books recommend.

However I am NOT a morning person. Oh I manage to get up, yawn, try to get the old body moving- but if you want me thinking any sane thoughts in the early hours....not a chance.

It takes me a while to work into the day.  Walk around a bit, have some breakfast, check my writing in the early morning before any one else is awake...not a chance.

I'm also not a night owl...

Definitely not. I like my sleep...actually NEED my sleep, and the older I get the harder it is to come by. So any notion of sitting up and writing into the wee hours is just ludicrous.

There would be nothing sane or sensible fact I fear you would find me, head resting on the keyboard, shift key imprinted forever in my chin..and a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on the computer screen.

So I don't function well in the early morning or the night...which leaves...the day.

Yep the day. And when you take out work and other commitments that have to be met....hmmmmm that does leave time, just not enough. I want more.

Set the alarm earlier...not happening.

Stay up late.... no hope.

Writing in the middle of the day? hmmm...that sounds about right. Although I do tend to prefer that 9-12 spot...for some reason I do feel like it's my writing time.

There is another spot about 1-3.....perhaps a bit later. 


during the day the outdoors beckons.

There are places to go, things to do....the garden to weed and work on. Washing to be done, house to be cleaned...yep once again I'm putting up road blocks.

There has to be an answer.....or maybe I'll just pull the blinds and pretend there is nothing worthwhile outside.

But I know better.

What sort of writer are you? Owl, lark or a daytime old chook like me?


  1. I'm an owl, it's hard to find time, as you say, in the day.


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