Just had a relaxing weekend with a lovely friend Kim, and her son Max. We talked, ate (Indian feast at night, out for breakfast the next morning, then Italian Pizza extravaganza for lunch)...we went for a very muddy, chilly but sunny walk with Tilly (aka the Wonder Horse). It was great to catch up....we so don't do this often enough.

I'm always left inspired after a Kim catch up. She's a personal trainer, so is very good at motivation and just getting it done. And this rubs off on me in so many ways. Probably more than she ever thinks.

During one of our talks she spoke how she had given homework to her 'trainee's. They had to think about what 'fills their jug.'

What replenishes and restores them.

It is a cliche (but dare I say a truth) that women give so much. To their work, to family and friends, to the eternal housework, to all that means keeping hearth and home together. But you can't run on empty...mentally or physically. She wanted people to think what they do just for themselves. 

For me, firstly it's the garden. No surprise there for so many of you that know my garden photos. It is so great to be able to step outside and be lost. There is always something to, make it that there is ALWAYS so many things to do that it is often overwhelming. Nothing is ever finished. Nothing is ever how I want it or imagined how it would look.

In fact there are so many things to do in the garden that at times I am depressed about how much there is to do, however that never lasts long. You can't feel down when you see something like this....

Another thing I do, just for me, is my writing. Some interesting discussions were had at my writing retreat....and some good observations made.

What I really took home is that yes I do write, and I love to write, and even on those days / weeks / months when I wonder why I put myself through it. When it's nothing but empty silence or rejection after rejection...why hurt myself like this?


Because I want to write. And part of that is wanting to get my work out there.

So more self inflicted pain to come...much more I'm sure. But most importantly I do this for myself. Nobody else would care if I gave up today. If I never wrote another piece. 

In fact the cat would probably LOVE to not hear me reading things out loud or trying to memorise a poem.

Looking back at it, my jug is pretty full.

I have my words....I have my garden...

It's a damned good balance really.

My life works. I have found that balance of work, family and friends-----and what I do just for me.

Sometimes all it takes is catching up a with a friend to remind myself of all I have got...and to see what is in front of me.

I hope everyone else has something that fills their jug.



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