Hmm can't hide it any more. We leave in three days. Am I ready? Nope.

Am I excited? You bet.

At the moment we have the backpacks....
and nothing in them at all. I think today I will have to put something in them, even the tiniest something so I can feel that it is actually happening.

Although putting the pack down and putting stuff in will upset the 'cat' - she knows when we are going somewhere. She then puts on this look halfway between disgruntled and disgusted...and either ignores us totally (our usual treatment) or is all lovey dovey. We have yet to tell her that she and the house will be sat.

So we have the packs, and then of course I found my little day pack.
She has been on our every travel. I never use a handbag, just load her up and I'm off. Ready with passports, camera, printed reservations for our hire car or hotel for the night, water bottle, panadol, etc etc. 

For the past month I've had an 'India pile' at my desk. International drivers licences, passport photos (which we will take for extra ID), and of course passports, now happy and complete with visas...these have been added as we have ticked items off the long list of MUST DOs.

Are we finished? 
Hmm I have still items on the list I have yet to consider...slowly building up the supply of must haves such as torch/ chargers / first aid kit....but I do have this...

I like to have an actual map of where we are going. From a proper fold out, whole of country one such as this, or those small ones that local Information places give out. The other half loves his technology, uses Iphone and Ipad, to see where we are going, where the nearest petrol station is etc etc but sometimes taking that folded piece of paper out of the day pack is all I need to reassure myself that we are going in the right direction. 

And frankly there has been times when there is no internet...when technology falls to the wayside and my handy nifty paper map is the winner of the day. 

Of course I have my notepad and pens. 


I'm hoping that between my notes and scribbles and the camera I will be able to capture it all. I know I won't. You never do. Some things are just impossible to put into words, or grab in an instant. They have to be lived. 

I hope to blog while away---it will all depend where exactly we are and what technical capabilities are offered. 

So wish us luck - and let the adventure begin. 


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