to the blog.
Yes it's one year since I began to ramble on this site. Hard to believe in so many ways. But heh before we go any further....

And looking back what on earth have I talked about?
Some of the great venues I've been to, the poets I've heard. How they inspire and motivate, urge me to try things I never would have thought myself capable of. And how I've come to the realisation there is no WRONG way to write a poem. It is so subjective, so personal.

I've talked about writing groups and how they can be a great motivator. How they can support and comfort (after too many rejections)- how they can encourage and force yourself onwards.

I've talked about writing goals, books to read, books I've read, writing styles, genres, writing spaces, libraries, more books... but mostly it's been about words.

Words are powerful. How many of us keep words thrown at us during an argument close to our chest? Words can hurt, they can empower, they can tear to shreds, they can build us up.

Put together badly, they make us cringe. Placed just so, and we are amazed at how they sparkle and sing.

Words can make us cry, make us laugh, they can force us to see ourselves, see others in a new light. They take us to places we have never seen, made us feel what we have never felt.

But we control them. That's the fun. Seeing what we can do, how we can put them together, how we can make them dance.

Here's to another year of throwing words out there...and seeing what happens.


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