Last weekend we had the 'official' opening of our new library - 3 weeks after actually opening.

There were entertainers and balloons, family storytimes and Spot the Dog. It was a lot of fun- so I'm told, and I was there. But like everyone else that works in the branch, I have not yet had the time to sit back, relax and actually enjoy the new surroundings.

We are too busy planning new activities and programs for the year ahead...and just working.

Sound familiar?

After I receive notice that a story or poem is to be published, say YEAH out loud (perhaps a smallish jig if this is a magazine that I've been trying to get into for quite a while) I get back into. Work on the next piece to send out.

Not that you have to have fireworks every time you receive an acceptance...

However I don't think we celebrate all those small steps. Yes it's great to be published, more so if payment is part of the proposition.

But do we celebrate when that poem finally works?

Do we celebrate when that short story we've been working on for months finds it's voice?

Do we dance a jig when we realise we can't write that poem - not yet- as we are too close to the subject? Understanding we won't do it justice, at least not yet.

Do we celebrate finishing the fifteenth chapter of our novel (knowing that we have so much more to go)?

If not, why not?

Are we programmed to only celebrate MILESTONES. If so, everyone's milestones are different.

Frankly I think it's time to step back, look to see how far we have come as writers, and celebrate all those little steps that help us on our journey.

For me, Woodstock sums it up perfectly.


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