How on earth is it Christmas already? I'm sure the last time I looked at a calendar it was April...well maybe August. Definitely not December. Yet here it is and tis the season to share the love.

So what are some wonderful presents you can give a writer?

I have a few ideas.

There are the usual notebooks and pens. I don't know about you but you can never have too much stationery. Well, actually you can, but a nice notebook never goes astray. Pens, unfortunately do. Grand children do love a cute pen...and if it's yours they seem to love them even more.

There is of course writing software. I have tried one of these, and alas, not for this little duck (too much of a distraction). But others rave over for some, it works. And works well.

A massage never goes amiss. Espeically when you have been hunched over a computer for hours straight, trying to solve a huge plot problem. Or working tirelessly to a deadline. Yes, a massage is a good idea!

Some can write in a busy (read noisy) cafe, bar or restaurant. I can't. (Once again too easily distracted...spend more time people watching than actually writing). For those of us that require a bit of peace and quiet to write, and have 'loved ones' at home while attempting to write....I suggest a huge packet of ear plugs or even headphones.

Talking of deadlines, they are so difficult to meet when distracted by the everyday-ness of house and home. There is washing to do, meals to cook, bins to put out. For the writer facing a huge deadline, how about sending them away? Not necessarily a week (although that would be wonderful), sometimes a weekend away from the norm is enough to boost inspiration and get the wheels turning.

Some writers I know can't work without a cup of coffee. They NEED it (not looking at anyone I know). Popping in with their cuppa of choice, then quietly leaving them to their work, would be great. Easy and no cost (except for time)

For me, I just love spending time with my family.

Inspiration is never far away when you are surrounded by those you love.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday period.



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