Yes, it's that time of the year when we all stop mid stride and wonder where the HELL THE YEAR HAS GONE. Surely it can't be July already. What happened to March? I do vaguely remember Easter but did May just slip by unnoticed? It has happened yet again, half a year gone when no one was paying attention.

To those that are deadly serious about meeting deadlines and reaching goals (or are forced to reconsider them at a writing retreat) this is the time of year when we look at our goals for the year and ponder on what has happened.

Interesting fact, my goals for this year went AWOL. They have to be somewhere, let's face it, I was a good girl and put some down. However, with the tidyness mess chaos that is my desk, they have disappeared amongst the pile of crap  stuff that waits my attention.

I did write some more whilst on retreat and looking back on them I'm amazed I've got so far through the year without really doing much.

But now is NOT the time to beat ourselves up over what hasn't been done, but perhaps to see what has been achieved.

Quick look at my 2017 folder and I have written 7 short, actually I've began 7 short stories. I have written a hell of a lot of poems, gone to two book launches and one Reading Matters Conference, wrote 6 book reviews and worked on a junior chapter book, and reread and put down notes on the WIP novel.

Not exactly what I wanted to do, but it's on the way. I've written a lot more poems than I had intended to...mostly due to an online group I belong to that inspires and prods me to write.

What haven't I done that I intended to? I haven't attended one of my writing groups for a long time..due to various reasons (I'm pleading tiredness after work and so many events / gatherings happening on that night). I have only co-hosted one poetry event (again due to social events happening on that same day) but have attended two other poetry events where I gave myself the goal to write and recite poems.

So in reality I have done more than I realised. I have six I have only five months left of the year. It's up to me to decide how I want to spend it. I can slack off, claim I'm too tired, that there are too many emotional upheavals occurring at the moment etc etc and they are both true. Importantly it is time for me to consider what I want to achieve in that time remaining.

What time, realistically, can I set aside to write?

What do I want to get done / what can I realistically get done in that time?

What do I have to do differently for me to achieve this?

I know that there are times when writing for me is too difficult. School holidays and Christmas, only because we are so busy at work and I'm exhausted by the end of them. Want to do nothing but feet up and snooze.

So it's not time to panic and wonder where the year has gone,  it's time to face the remainder of the year and ask 'what can I achieve before then?'

Perhaps I'll be surprised by what I can get done.



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