I'm a list writer from way back. Every day has a list, and every day I mark off what has been achieved. Today - my day off and designated writing day- has a long list of to dos. Unfortunately not all writing to dos. Ring doctor is in there as well as pick up car. But I had hoped being a list maker would make me more organised.

I fear not.

I do try. A few months ago I bought a filing cabinet. Things (and not necessarily files) are in the filing cabinet but in no certain order - that will take a full day of concentrated effort and time-  and as yet it's not on my to do list.

This is what  I dream it will look like. A girl has to dream.

And last weekend we got our wardrobe organised. After much sweat (on my husbands behalf) we have that organised. Well semi- organised. Frankly by the time we'd finished I simply threw everything in the wardrobe so we could find the bed and walk on the floor without tripping over a pile of jumpers.

But it will be done (once it's on my to do list)
So I am trying to be organised in my life -and therefore extend that into my writing. Has it worked?
Not very well.

I could list all the deadlines I have missed- all the competitions that close before I enter them- all the chances that I've missed because I didn't have a system that works for me.

I have scraps of paper everywhere. With anything and everything jotted down. From ideas for Storytime sessions- to telephone numbers- from recipe tips - to magazine deadline- from books I want to read- to upcoming birthday ideas. And I would love to say it's organised chaos - but it isn't. It's merely chaos.

I have to find a system that works for me. I know people who use a diary - and yes my diary sits right beside my computer- but I use it for everything, work and birthdays, kinder visits and planned holidays.

I know folks who use their calendars - which I have beside the computer- however once again when it's marked with days working, weekends working, birthdays and events I'm going to, there's not a lot of room left over for magazine deadlines.

A lot of people use their smart phones - I'm old fashioned with an old fashioned phone and it's used, wait for it, to make phone calls.

So what will work for me? A bigger calendar? Larger diary? I also have a small whiteboard by the window...where I list my goals for the month. Is it time for a larger whiteboard?

It's all too hard. So wish me luck as I struggle to get a system that works for me.


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